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Interview with Tomáš Skalík about preparations for the new exhibition in the Tatra Truck Museum

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Municipality Vražné

In the village of Vražné, local part of Hynčice, we have prepared a project for the revitalization of the exhibition in the birthplace of J. G. Mendel.

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The Statutory City of Opava

At the Hláska town hall in Opava we implemented an exhibition about the history of the town hall and the development of the town architecture.

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Tatra Truck Museum

We designed and implemented an exhibition in the Museum of Trucks.

Muzeum Jana Ámose Komenského v Uherském Brodě

Jan Amos Comenius Museum in Uherský Brod

For the museum we designed and realised an exhibition in the J. A. Comenius Museum in Naarden. In Uherský Brod we designed and realised the entire children’s line for the new J. A. Komenský exhibition.

Zámecké vinařství Bzenec

Castle Winery Bzenec

For the Bzenec Castle Winery we have designed a visualization of the possible use of space for a interactive wine museum at the dilapidated castle in Bzenec. The project was eventually not realized, as the local town citizens decided to retain the castle to the municipality.

Město Kopřivnice


For the town of Kopřivnice, we implemented the project Exhibition of Dana and Emil Zátopek.

Biskupství Ostravsko-Opavské

Staré Město near Bruntál and the Bishopric of Ostrava - Opava

Revitalization and access to the Church of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary in Staré Město. During the restoration work led by MgA. Tomáš Skalík, a hitherto unknown upper part of the archivolt was found under the floor of the second floor of the tower, other parts were found by probing into the masonry of the tower and also archaeologically under its floor. These discoveries enabled the reconstruction of the stonework, which is one of the largest and most elaborately composed late Romanesque portals in the Czech lands.

As part of the realisation of the exhibition, we also created glass showcases and furnishings.

Zlínský kraj

Zlín Region and the Zlín Museum

Project for the Zlín Region – revitalization of the war memorial in Ploština.

Muzeum Novojičínska

Museum Novojičínska

Design and implementation of a new exhibition in the Šipka Museum. As part of the realisation, we created illuminated glass showcases for minerals and other exhibits.

Národní hřebčín Kladruby nad Labem

National Stud at Kladruby nad Labem

Design and implementation of The Kladruber horse exhibition and the Educational Path for the breeding and training of ceremonial and carriage horses.

Národní zemědělské muzeum

National Museum of Agriculture

Design and implementation of the new horse stable exhibition at Kačina Castle. 

Valašské muzeum v přírodě

The Wallachian Open Air Museum

Design and implementation of the exhibition “When in Wallachia, Do as The Wallachians Do.”

Králohradecký kraj

Hradec Králové Region

Study of the project of a new Natural history exhibition for the Museum of Eastern Bohemia.

National Heritage Institute

One-off exhibition “With Princes at One Table”. We made furnishings and glass illuminated showcases for the exhibition.

Planetárium v Ostravě

Planetarium Ostrava

Design and implementation of the exhibition for the Planetarium. Here we created all the gameplay elements, including a special aquarium that simulates a tsunami.


Ostrava-Radvanice, Bartovice

Implementation of a 3D artwork on the roundabout in Ostrava-Radvanice and Bartovice.


Formdesign, FORM s.r.o.

Cooperation on several projects.



Project of the exhibition of the Renaissance house in Karviná.


Albertovec Stud Farm

Implementation of gallery furnishings.

KRUSTAshop, s.r.o.

Supplier of materials and technologies.

Art Consultancy s.r.o.

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