Backdrops, models and graphics in the new exhibition in the National Memorial II. of the World War in Hrabyně Realization 2022

Backdrops, models and graphics in the new exhibition in the National Memorial II. of the World War in Hrabynia Realization 2022

As part of the restoration of the exposition in the National Memorial II. St. of the war in Hrabyně, we realized those parts of the exposition that are called models and backdrops in project terms.
We created a new authentic surface on the mock-up of the tank, reinstalled the entire sculpture of 82 statues of the Lidice children’s monument.
Together with our subcontractors, we have created dozens of models of combat equipment that you can see in display cases throughout the memorial.
Thanks to the modelers Jaroslav Malý, Marek Slanina, Tomáš Mikstejn.
We created art dioramas of the Czechoslovak Pavilion in New York. The company PB Model s.r.o. he supplied several model diorama sets of airport scenes and the assassination of Heydrich for us.
Radek Mišanec created a bunker diorama, a unique interactive model of a section of the MO-S 19 Alej infantry blockhouse in Darkovičky, fully equipped with technology with the option of turning on the lighting of individual parts.

However, our main piece of work is a life-size battle scene diorama, where we created a backdrop of a two-story partially burnt-out town house with a pile of rubble, from which emerges a realistic model of a T-34 tank (pictured).
Inside the scenery of the house, there is a small cinema in an anti-war shelter. The model of the T-34 tank was created as a set of exact castings from prints and molds from the original tank, which we had the opportunity to use thanks to the cooperation with restorers Jaroslav Pánek and Jaroslav Post from Svitavka.

In cooperation with the graphic artist Martin Feikus and the JR soft printer, we delivered all graphic works, prints and stickers to the exhibition.

Photogallery - exhibition preparation

Photo gallery - Vernissage 28.4.2023


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